The Casery

The Casery was founded by a group of friends in the heart of fashion-capital Los Angeles. After months of meticulous research and experimentation, they sourced designs from top artists and launched their first catalog of products in 2016. The Casery is now a global brand and prides itself on maintaining a steady catalog of only the trendiest phone cases and accessories. Today, they rally themselves around a solitary goal: to design only the highest-quality accessories, built with every detail in mind, and sourced with only the finest materials.

The Casery has over 100k Instagram followers and a strong relationship with retailers and customers around the world. We have tested 1,000s of designs through our e-commerce site, social media channels, and many pop-up events, bloggers and influencers, and retail locations worldwide to get the 35 designs we offer through wholesale. As experts in market research and data analysis, specifically in the fashion tech world, we only release designs proven to sell. We offer free professional assets for web and free branded POP displays for each retail store to ensure sales success.
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